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PALMAT Heavy Duty 140 L Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter (2 x 70L or 2 x 18.5 Gallon)

PALMAT Heavy Duty 140 L Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter (2 x 70L or 2 x 18.5 Gallon)

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  • Heavy Duty all-season construction for year-round composting with dual compartments for more efficient use of home and garden waste
  • Aeration system to speed up composting process
  • Mixing bars are included and 2 stoppers for comfortable use
  • Easy to assemble, with metal legs, easy to slide doors and UV Protection
  • Product dimensions: 63x60x74 cm (24.8x23.6x29.1 inch), 2x70 Litre /18.5 Gallon / 2.47 cubic feet

 Using a composting machine can reduce your garden and kitchen waste from your regular household waste and you can produce your own compost easily with this heavy duty dual chamber tumbling composter. Use your home made compost as a fertiliser for your own garden.

 The aeration system will speed up the composting process and mixing bars are included as well as 2 stoppers for comfortable use. The rotating design makes it really easy to use and you can avoid the back breaking work of digging and mixing by hand, you just need to give the chamber a turn every couple of days.

 The twin chamber design helps with batch composting which is the most effective way to produce high quality home made compost. You can let one side mature while you add fresh matter to the other side and then switch over so you have a continuous supply of nutrient rich compost.

 Composting can be finished in about a fortnight, under hot, sunny conditions. The product has UV protection so that it will not deteriorate in hot conditions.

 Composting is an ecological way to recycle your kitchen and garden waste and will reduce landfill. Home made compost contains essential plant nutrients and can be used instead of commercial fertiliser for your flowering plants or vegetables.

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 Capacity: 140L

 Package Contents:

 1x double compost tumbler

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