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PALMAT XL Window Bird Feeder Extra Clear with Removable Feeding Tray (30cm long)

PALMAT XL Window Bird Feeder Extra Clear with Removable Feeding Tray (30cm long)

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  • Easy to set up bird feeder with 4 suction pads allows you to attach to any window in your home
  • Made of heavy duty clear acrylic, which is waterproof and stays put in all weather conditions and best of all allows you to watch the birds easily and even photograph them
  • Entice different types of birds by laying out different types of seeds in the three sections in this extra large bird feeding tray
  • Avoid soggy seeds with this cleverly designed feeder with drainage holes which will keep your seeds dry, you can easily remove the tray and clean it between uses
  • Fun for all the family to watch and observe the birds in your garden come in and feed from the comfort of your home

 Enjoy watching the birds in your garden, right up close, from the comfort of your armchair using this heavy duty acrylic bird feeder that attaches to your window with 4 strong suction cups. The clear acrylic allows you to easily view the birds and even take photos of them. The feeder is easy to set up and also to remove should you wish to wash your windows.

 The feeder is described as extra large and measures 30cm long. The removable seed tray is cleverly designed with drainage holes so that you don’t get soggy seeds and the tray is divided into 3 sections which can be filled with different types of seeds or grains to attract different types of birds.

 This feeder would make an appealing gift for all ages especially those with an interest in ornithology and nature.

 Dimensions: 30 x 10 x 14cm

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